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HypnoBirthing® Northampton

As a uniquely skilled HypnoBirthing® Practitioner based in two locations UK - Northampton and Europe - France (Blaye, near Bordeaux.) I can offer you a variety of services to help you enjoy your pregnancy, feel excited about birthing and confident as you progress into the early days of parenthood.

Free Birthing Advice Consultations

[email protected]

I offer a completely free video call to introduce you to my course which is called "[email protected]". I can listen to you and discuss your birthing ideas and concepts in greater detail. I provide birthing information to help you make wise decisions.

Due to my flexible lifestyle, I can offer my courses in two European locations. When I'm in the UK - I’m conveniently located in Wootton Fields, Northampton.

Or when I'm in Europe I'm based in France, uniquely located in our small wine Chateau near Blaye, in the heart of the world famous Bordeaux wine region. (

What a refreshing change to enjoy your birthing course whilst on a long weekend break - far away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by vines and nature. A blissful location to learn to relax and understand the art of [email protected] Please feel free to contact me for further details.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gill Blayney PDC.Hyp MBSCH

Free Calls via

Wi Fi, WhatsApp & FB messenger: 07801 367 989

E: [email protected]

My Aims & Skills

My services are recommended by local midwives of Northamptonshire as my specialist area is helping either parent become more confident in becoming a parent - whatever this involves. I help to resolve birthing concerns, anxieties, fears & phobias, panic attacks and many other birthing & parenting issues. My natural birthing techniques are successful - with many of my "mums" giving birth free from any unwanted medical interventions. My aim is to provide parents-to-be, throughout the East Midlands, with access to current, relevant birthing information and lots of HypnoBirthing® techniques - all at affordable prices.

My skills include:

  • Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Therapist using CBT, NLP, EMDR, SFT and Behavioural Psychology
  • HypnoBirthing® Practitioner
  • Ex-Doula - (Birthing Companion)
  • Fertility Therapist
  • Hormonal Therapist

Passionate about Birthing

This unique & rare skill set enables parents to expect and receive a high level of competence throughout any of the ABC Birthing Services they may select. I am truly passionate about Birthing and improving birthing couples experiences from the first early days of conception through to their first steps into parenthood. I am always prepared to exceed your expectations, to always go that extra mile. It my personal interest and dedication that will make the difference to your Birthing Experience.

Home Birthing Northampton

Did you know Northampton has a "home birthing team" of midwives? This award winning NHS service offers:

  • Antenatal appointments at home
  • Continuity of support
  • One midwife during home birthing
  • Additional midwife - so you have 2 midwives present @ actual birth of baby
  • Please ask your community midwife about this exciting free birthing service.

Services Available during Pregnancy

Exclusive [email protected] Classes to include aspects of birthing and parenting 

12 1/2 hours worth of Natural Child Birthing information

Easy to learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help reduce medical intervention

Resolving concerns relating to birthing and parenting

Providing unbiased antenatal information to help you make well informed decisions

Helping you to creating flexible, realistic a birth preference (birth plan)

Explaining the physiology of birthing muscles

Preparing for birth - plan of action, birthing bag, positions to use whilst birthing

Supporting and Informing birthing partners

optional on - call support by phone, text or email up until your baby is born

Non medical adviser in addition to midwife care provided by NHS

After Birth

Providing and Supporting information relating to ever day baby issues

Helping to establish good sleeping patterns

Restore balance and promote feelings of confidence, well being and increase energy