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Recent HypnoBirthing® articles! 

NHS pilots 800 HypnoBirthing® test - please click on photo or heading to read more.....

Watch this short clip

No such thing as a pain free birth? Is there any such thing as a pain free birth? Supermodel Gisele Bundchen reckons her eight-hour labour delivering son Benjamin didn't hurt at all - and she’s the size of a twiglet. Listen to Nadia Sawalha talking about her HypnoBirthing® experience - it's a very realistic and amusing story.

Recent News:

The Daily Mail on Friday 9th April 2010

You will read about Victoria's pain-free birth assisted by Tamara/Birtheasy.

The Link:

Article about 'Fantastic Four' actress Jessica Alba 
using HypnoBirthing® in Fit Pregnancy.

Miriam Stoppard talks of HypnoBirthing in the Mirror by shefmama

» Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:04 pm

Dr Miriam actually says that if she were to do the whole baby thing again she would choose HypnoBirthing, she includes some useful elements about the course.How fantastic!!

Full double-page spread, and main article on the front cover, of the Royal College of Midwives Journal, October/November 2008.

Story about Beverley Turner (TV presenter and wife of Olympic rower James Cracknell) using HypnoBirthing® featured in the Sunday Mirror "Celebs" magazine on Sunday 19th June 2005. You can view a scanned copy of the original article online here:

Beverley Turner's HypnoBirthing® story - page 1

Beverley Turner's HypnoBirthing® story - page 2

"The (re)birth of a better way" - from South Florida Parenting Magazine, April 2004

"Have It Your Way: Redesigning Birth" - HypnoBirthing® gets a mention here in "Newsweek" (courtesy of MSNBC)