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I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful experience we had with the birth of baby

Florence *.* C*.* who was born at 07.45 on Tuesday .

Things couldn’t have gone better to be honest, I hoped for some of our plans to come together but everything happened just as we wanted. The homebirthing midwives were there from when I was 2-3cm right till 6 hours after the birth, (yes they DO love their tea, toast and french fancies). Our first child M*.* slept through the whole thing and was able to give baby sis a kiss as she went out to nursery at 8am on Tues morning and my Mum and husband were the best most comforting partners I could have hoped for.

I found the breathing amazing all the way through and used just my hypnobirthing and the pool till I was 8cm when I asked for a puff on the gas and air . Just using the breathing and some gas and air, F*.* was born in the pool with a couple of breathing down pushes/breaths.

Florence was caught by her Daddy, who also then cut the cord and the 3rd stage was over in a few minutes too. I lost approx 300ml of blood altogether (as opposed to 1900ml last time), midwives helped tidy up, tucked me into bed and 2 hours later I was putting a conditioning treatment in my hair!!

This time the decision to breastfeed has been in my hands and I am loving it. F*.* scored 10/10 on the AGPARS.

I wanted to thank you Gill for such a comforting, calming and inspirational course which really set the scene for how we wanted our birth to be.

We haven’t been near the hospital as opposed to last time when B*.*’s paternity was spent shuttling between car parks and wards for no real reason, we are enjoying our new family unit so much in our own environment and cant wait to see you all and meet the new HypnoBirthing babies!

Hope you are well. I just wanted to send you another little note thanking you again for all you did for us with the Hypnobirthing, it really made Jacob birthing day a wonderful experience and one I really enjoyed. He was born at 2.00am on the 26th April (his due date!) and I only had nine hours of labour. 

The relaxation worked perfectly, I found it a little uncomfortable at times but nothing unbearable and certainly nothing I felt I could not control! I now have a lot of family members in awe of how I did it with no medication and without making any noise at all - I have converted everyone I think. I have attached a couple of photos of our gorgeous little man, and we would definitely love to come and see you soon and meet with other Hypnobirthing Mums, and also tell you all about the day. 

Thank you again, so very,very much,I have a very happy, very quiet and content little bundle of joy thanks to your wonderful teachings.

Mum CJ 2010 (and from Dad below..)

When our midwife first suggested Gill's Hypnobirthing to us it was the first time I had ever heard anything about it, we did some research before Claire first class and I felt anything that could help her in this way was definately something she should try. What I didn't realise was how much it would help me. I always thought that giving birth was all about the mother and my concern as a first time Dad was that I would end up being in the way and only really be there to hold her hand. 

Hypnobirthing taught me how important the fathers role is in the birthing process and how we could really share this process together and share the experience. I ended up doing all the relaxation techniques with Claire and learning how to experience the relaxation she would be feeling. This gave me an understanding so when it came to the massage and breathing techniques I was fully aware of what I was helping her to achieve. On the day Jacob was born I found myself instantly relaxed and was able to gauge what Claire needed without her having to give me much prompting. 

I really felt that I was part of the experience and was really helping and supporting Claire as much as I could, we even managed to grin at each other as Jacob was delivered. Hypnobirthing is not only a life changing experience for Claire but also for me and made the day my son was born so much more special.

Dad N 2010

 I didn’t know anyone who had given birth at home and one of the reasons I felt confident to do so for my first child was because I knew that I would have Gill as both a Doula and a HypnoBirthing Practitioner. I think it is a rare combination to have both and I feel very lucky that I found Gill. Whilst I practiced all the elements of the HypnoBirthing course it really made a huge difference having Gill there with me as a guide and a coach.

The birth went really well, it was a short labour and my baby boy came into the world calm and relaxed. The HypnoBirthing course taught me that birth is a natural thing and through breathing and visualisation one can help one's body to let go as much as possible and to allow it do what it knows how to. I was able to learn as well as I did because Gill is a very effective teacher. She delivers her knowledge and experience with a natural calm and warmth. She is also down to earth and has an ability to talk about a range of personal and private issues with both pragmatism and sensitivity. In addition Gill has a range of experiences as a Hypnotherapist, Doula and Hypno Birthing teacher that work very well together, creating synergy between all these elements.

With regard to how Gill works with birth partners, my partner found that Gill really included him in the whole process before and during the birth. This was his first child and he particularly appreciated this approach. As for myself, Gill made me feel very well taken care of on the day I gave birth. I trusted her implicitly which was the most important thing on such a day.

F S 2010

Evie is absolutely gorgeous. Everybody says how relaxed and calm she is. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful, healthy, little girl. She's really strong and tries to hold her head up already so I think that “cooking” for an extra week did her good. If you ever need a couple to come and tell your group about their brilliant, practically pain free, birth - just give my husband and I a shout. You were fantastic during labour and birth. The limiting thoughts release you did and the support you gave was exactly what I needed and neither “A” or I could quite believe how well “Evie’s arrival had gone.

When I speak to people and tell them I had only a few minutes of pain during the whole of labour when I lost concentration and the rest of the time it was just pressure, they don't believe me! Besides my wedding day it was the best day of my life. It was so special and perfect having her in the pool, delivered by “A” and with you there making sure I felt safe and in control of what was happening.

I could do it again tomorrow, but wish that while I thought I was just having braxton hicks that I had eaten and tried to sleep so I didn't tire out so quickly. Next time I will recognise that despite being painless and manageable that once they get regular it's labour, I'll eat and sleep, and it will be really easy! 

J & A A July 2010

Our little bundle of joy, Alfie Oliver D**** was born on Sunday 13 March weighing 9lbs. We had such an amazing labour, even though we had to change our home birth plans due to me being large for my dates. Initially I was so upset at having to go to hospital, after only making up our minds on a home birth at quite a late stage.

I spoke to gill and she reassured me that I could still use all my Hypnobirth techniques in hospital too, which encouraged me a lot.

When I went into be induced, I was nervous but tried to stay focused. I was induced at 2pm Saturday afternoon and went into established labour at 4pm, Paul made the hospital room really comfortable with the lights dimmed and I took my own pillows and made sure I had my Hypnobirth cd on the whole way through.

The staff and midwives at the hospital were brilliant and I managed to remain calm and in control all the way through contractions and the pushing stage by just using breathing and my tens machine, which I can't recommend enough!

Alfie was finally born at 1.54 am Sunday morning, making it just over a 9 hour labour, he is such a content little boy, although he is only a day old! So we won't hold our breath just yet! Feeding is going well and we cannot believe how much love we have for one special little person!

We cannot praise Gill and the Hypnobirth technique enough, we really do think that this is what got us through the whole event and we are so glad we went on the course to really appreciate what a special experience birth can be, if you just learn to take control. Even the midwives were astonished at how focused I was and couldn't believe I had gone through labour with no pain relief! Especially as the two other people giving birth at the same time were screaming and shouting down the corridor, but I didn't even notice this, I was completely in another relaxed world!

Emma and Paul

I wanted a water birth and because the hospital was not able to ensure this then the only way I could get what I wanted was to have my baby at home!

Due to deciding on a home birth we decided that we wanted a Hypnobirthing doula to help us. We found a wonderful lady called Gill Blayney, who was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't have given birth without her!

The day I went into labour was on 17th November. My husband filled the birthing pool that Gill had supplied free of charge. We had lavender burning, soothing music and dim lighting. I was totally relaxed. I used my Hypnobirthing techniques which really helped.

If I have anymore children, I will certainly to have a home water birth again with Gill by my side! :-) and of course my husband!

Lou and Wes

Thanks for all your great advice on the birth, baby “S” arrived safely four days early, on April Fools Day!! 

 I managed it with just gas and air and the techniques you taught us. His heart rate was perfect throughout which I think was thanks to the relaxation techniques. He is an absolute joy but like every new mum and dad we are very tired!! 

He is breast feeding beautifully…..


We're delighted to announce the safe arrival of "T" on Tuesday 20th April 2010. He very conveniently started his journey just after L and J were put to bed, and appeared within two and a half hours by 11pm. A successful birth at home, during which Mum didn't even get off the sofa. Everything went very well and he's a great little lad and weighed in at 10 pounds 10. 


Great news!! We have the most amazing little son “Will”. He was born on the 8th of May and weighed 8.3lbs.I went straight into surges of 4 mins apart at 6pm on the thurs. These very quickly progressed and about 1hr and a half to 2hrs later when the midwives arrived I was 9cms dilated!! My waters didn't break till about 30mins before delivery.

The whole thing from start to finish was about 8hrs(baby born at just after 1am), and I didn't have any pain relief and had no tears, just some grazing!Needless to say we would recommend hypnobirthing to anybody and can't thank you enough for being so inspiring!We would also recommend a home birth to any of your pupils!! The two things just go hand in hand and make the whole experience totally magical!

L & M